On September 16-21, "Inspire, Educate and Incubate Tomorrow's Leading Entrepreneurs"

Magic things happened…

It was a short time ago, when Georgia welcomed our group from Armenia in Kobuleti with its ethereal beauty, warmth and hospitality. Before reaching our hotel we were exploring Georgian delicacy, enjoying pleasant colours, unique buildings, the sunny weather and happy faces. We were just lucky. Georgia was glad to welcome us. And everything got more interesting when we reached the hotel. The most kind and polite person, Nana greeted us in the hotel and wished a nice time during the program. Her charming smile and warm words made us feel more welcomed and hereafter our adventurous page in our book of travelling started to get filled with exciting chapters, happy moments, useful and unforgettable memories. But before describing those moments, the reader should know how we had the chance to go there. So, we are to mention that everything happened within the frames of the project "Inspire, Educate and Incubate Tomorrow's Leading Entrepreneurs", which took place from the 16th to 21st of September in Georgia, Kobuleti. Besides our Armenian group there were participants from Georgia, the Netherlands and Germany as well. And this intercultural atmosphere made our project more special. On the 1st day we were all introduced to each other, having an introductory session about the program. The acquaintance started in such a special and creative way. We started to dance an energetic dance and to welcome each other. When everyone was introduced our intercultural family was formed that day, and we had an exchange of thoughts and values, hot discussions, cultural, effective talks which we are sure will help us in our lives. In the end of the same day, intercultural evening was held for all the participants. National and very special local foods, drinks and sweets from Armenia, Germany and the Netherlands were laid on the tables. Of course, all was accompanied by dances. The evening was just perfect.  And that was just the first day. More incredible days were yet to come.
Next day the participants spent on entrepreneurship session and the rest of the day was spent in Kutaisi, where they visited one of the successful entrepreneurship strawberry farm in Kutaisi. The young business woman, Nato Tskitishvili introduced her main goals and the path of successful achievement story, how she made her all efforts to have it now.  On the same day also a cultural visit was organized to Metsamota Monastery, 13th century. The view from the top was wonderful and very spiritual. Every one tried to catch discerning silence and to get into connection with unusual view of that place. Everyone was having his aesthetic moment.
Another day was planned for a visit to Batumi, the city of the Black Sea, lights, entertainments. There was the sea with all its charm, grace, mystery and eternity. It was just taking our breath away. Our big group explored different sightseeings, had a romantic cruise, street walking in downtown and just observed huge buildings alongside the narrow streets.

The program was passing in its usual but at the same time, singular way.
But I want to wander off the point a bit and to tell about special breaks during the project. One of our pretty and beautiful tuitor Nelly (I started to call her a source of positive energy) made our project hours much more happier with her different stories and unforgettable "energizers". You will ask what kind of energizers were they? I wil describe them with a great pleasure and tell you that those were of a special power. Of course Nelly tried to make group exercises with smiles acquired on our faces. She transferred a happy spirit to every and each participant. She used to make everyone laugh by all means.  Energizers were done in a playing way, but all of them basically presented some exact idea in our life, as how to be polite, kind, how to bring love to people, to support everyone, protect equality of nations, genders, etc. In one word everything that a person needs in his life; to take braver steps, to share love to become a better person, the one that Nelly is. It is important to add that every person has his own special nature and values, doesn't matter to which nation, culture, religion he belongs to.
During our sessions we had many important topics, like "What is successful entrepreneurship", "Business mind map", etc, which were presented by Marc, Nana and Tigran. By the way the session would not have been held without Marc. He is such an intelligent person who tried to give us all the nuances of a successful entrepreneurship. Marc explained the in and outs of it, and during such a short period we succeeded to collect knowledge within that sphere, due to the interactive course we were given a chance to show what we can do, what ideas we have. Who would have thought that we could start a business with just a single balloon in our hands. That was really amazing. Now we know what to do when we have a balloon.
Our Armenian group also had a course being held by our organization director Tigran Shadunts who also gave everyone useful tips concerning this sphere. Besides we also want to mention that he was of a great help to us there, being very protective and attentive to our little family. Actually he always comes up with very creative and unique ideas.

Summerizing our project it is worth noting that the project gave a possibility to each participant to be special with his concepts, to feel something original, to find and make new friends, a small family, to have wonderful conversations on different topics.  We had an opportunity to stay up late at evenings, to evaluate everyone's opinion as an individual, to understand much more deeper each others' culture in this world. All this was accompanied with love, respect, motivation, positive mood, smile, laugh and again laugh. And believe me, that is all that really matters in life, those are moments that are imprinted in our memories and are considered to be our fellow travelers along our life journey.
And the time came to close the last page of our book…on the last pages “Good bye”, “Hope to see you again”, were written, sad and hurtful emotions were felt through these lines for it is always difficult to say those words… But we hope this is not the end and many more chapter are yet to come and we write “To be continued…see you soon”.